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Electronic Money Bank

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How To Change Password

1, Enter current password (default: 0000) and screw the knob to open the door.

2, Keep the door open, and use one hand to press down the "*" button (do not release the button), then lights flash. Use another hand to enter the new 4-digit password, and press "#" button to store the new code, then lights stop flashing, and then release button "*" at last. (Key point here)

How To Reset Code

1. Remove the batteries.

2. Press some numbers - there is still some electricity remained in the control unit even after the batteries were taken out. So you need to press some numbers to have a real reset. (Key point here)

3. Put the batteries back in.

4. The default password "0000" should work now.

Warm Attention:

These is a switch on the back side of door. Once you move it from "BEEP SOUND" to "VOICE", then you enter the password one by one, the voice "Password Please" will come each time.

For example: The default code is 0000. When you press the first "0", the voice is coming, then press the second "0", the voice is coming again, press the third "0", the voice is coming, press the fourth "0", you can open the bank.

Package List

1 Piggy Bank

1 User Manual


  • Magical Switch Inner- There is a switch inside the safe door which controls voice and beep sound. If you keep it in the voice side, when typing in your each pin, it will say "password please". This "password please" = beep sound. So all you have to do is enter your pin just ignore the "password please". If you want to stop this voice, just switch the inner switch inside the door from voice to beep sound. Then you will hear beep sound when you type your password.
  • Funky stylish designed not only insert coins, also can electronically rolling cash and bills into the money bank box, just like an real ATM bank machine.With the reasonable space design, the money bank can also secret small personal items, such as toy, passport, secret letters etc.
  • Personalized electric password pad and only can open this money safe box by using your own set 4-digit password.
  • Green plastic material with high quality ABS & electronic components. Size: 7.4"*5.3"*4.9", Batteries:3 pieces of AA batteries (not included in the package)
  • Fantastic birthday gift for kids or even youth which can guiding and developing a good habit of saving money.


Color: Pink

Publisher: SZAT

UPC: 611677019051

EAN: 0611677019051

Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.0 x 5.7 inches

Languages: English