About Gifteee

Gifteee.com is a shop and a blog that will be a mirror of my shopping list, its about the places my mind take me to, and what things (usually materialist) I take from there to bring them to my own world.

I’m going to write and showcase in my shop the things I buy, get, notice, find, borrow, or create. Some of those things are the gate way for a fantasy world that I’m happy to build in my mind, some are things that I just want to bring to my family and friends worlds, to bring them some of the “magic” that exists out there in the world, the things that drift you to the side roads of life, roads full of special little things that you can do, feel, create and experience.

The things I’ll post here are obviously very subjective and are based on the way my mind works, its associations and context. It might not fit the most of you, but I hope to find here some kindred sprits that will enjoy my ideas and maybe even act up upon them, and bring those things to their worlds and to the worlds around them.

About me

My name is Dan, what can I tell about myself… Well that my CV isn’t really relevant to this blog, and I’m not the person to speak about himself too much, so I guess that you’ll really be able get to know me by reading my posts here.

If you wish, you can contact me at gifteee.shop@gmail.com

And credit for the beautiful home page image  goes to - Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

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