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Anti-Gravity Running Boots

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  • Brand New, Improved Wider Boot Design is ergonomically shaped for comfort.
  • New 2011 AIR KICKS® models are adjustable to fit right over athletic shoe sizes: YOUTH 4-7, WOMEN 5.5 - 11.5, MEN 6-10.
  • Powered by patented JUMPING JAX® T-Spring technology: Low-impact and gentle on ankles, knees & back.
  • Extended range of Replacement T-Springs available (sold separately) for changes in user body weight.
  • Suitable for children, teen and adult users weighing between 99 and 176 Lbs (aged 8 and up).

Details: The brand NEW, improved wider boot design of the New 2011 AIR KICKS Range has a more ergonomic shape, so just three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) will fit virtually any foot, from 8-year olds to adult --- male or female. That means it is easier to determine your size. The new design retains the patented JUMPING JAX® technology, which utilizes heavy-duty, rubber T-Springs to capture and then transform downward energy into longer, low-impact strides that are gentle on the ankles, knees and back.

Not only do AIR KICKS Anti-Gravity Boots deliver a soft cushiony motion that's gentle on joints and bones, they also provide a sensational calorie-burning, coordination-building, leg-strengthening workout. They feature high-traction non-marking treads that are safe to use on virtually any surface, indoors or out, and won't mar floors!

Item #11205 Size MEDIUM (T2 Springs for 99-176 lbs.) replaces the older (now discontinued) model #11203 AIR KICKS SR. They will fit over the user's athletic shoes, and are adjustable to easily accommodate most shoe sizes for users in the weight range, including the following: YOUTH sizes 4 to 7, WOMEN sizes 5.5 to 11.5, and MEN sizes 6 to 10.

Following are the additional sizes of the New AIR KICKS models:
• Size SMALL
(#11206) for users 55-99 lbs (with T0 T-Springs)
• Size LARGE
(#11207) for users 121-199 lbs (with S3 T-Springs).

Another improvement to the new 2011 AIR KICKS models is an extended range of Interchangeable Replacement T-Springs, which can be interchanged on any of the New AIR KICKS boots to adjust the user body weight range without the need to buy a new pair of AIR KICKS! See the sizing chart and find Replacement T-Springs in other listings (search "Air Kicks Replacement T-Springs") for more information.

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