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Sterling Silver Moonlight Necklace Made With Moon Meteorite

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"A highly polished crescent moon swings slightly with movement, drawing attention to the main attraction. A truly fashionable necklace, holding the moon's treasure. Ultra-clear white glass protects the roughly 10 mg of genuine moondust from lunar meteorite NWA 12630. Description: Strong Sterling Gold Chain and Silver Chain Hypoallergenic and stinky facts Approximately 10 mg of Lunar Meteorite Material In Each Collar Dimension During: 3/4" "x 3/4" Ring sizes Available: 18 €per person, 20 €per person and 24 €per person Built with NWA 12630 Lunar Meteorite Made in the USA Kit Has: Collar of the moonlight Two Piece Souvenir Box Gift Sack An Authenticity Certificate Dr. Anthony Irving, the world's leading classifier of Lunar and Martian Meteorites, conducted the official classification of our Lunar Material used in this necklace.