Unique Outdoor Gifts for Camping, Survival and Taking a Trip

Best Gifts for Camping and Hiking that will make sure you Enjoy Nature alone or with your Family

Looking for gifts that an adventure lover can’t get enough of? Here are 25 gift ideas that are thoughtful yet practical and can be utilized by travel enthusiasts. From hiking, camping, trekking to backpacking, alone, with friends or with the kids, these gifts will accompany them on their next great adventure. If you know someone who’s bitten by the travel bug, go through this list for amazing gift ideas. Who knows, you might get inspired to become a globetrotter or a hardcore survivalist yourself.  

Here are 25 gifts for someone who feels at home within nature. 


Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills 


The modern existence has disconnected humans from nature and alienated them from the wonders of mother earth. A lot of us feel the call for a return to wilderness and to connect with man’s ancient past. This book teaches primitive skills and pre-historic knowledge of surviving with only natural materials. Learn how to build fire, primitive tools, projectiles as well as ancient art and music. Find it here! 


Kids Plush Sleeping Bag with Pillows 


Does your child enjoy spending time in the outdoors as much as you? Gift him this cute sleeping bag and pillow set made of soft plush materials. This monster themed sleeping sack would be the perfect match for a campfire filled with ghost stories. It’s machine washable too. Find it here! 


Electric Heated Thermal Winter Socks 


Do you know someone who loves to go trekking on the mountains or ice fishing in freezing weather? Gift them these electric heated socks and they won’t be able to thank you enough. It’s also great for someone who has chronically cold feet. They’re soft, absorbent, breathable and quick-drying with 3 different temperature settings. Find it here! 


Leatherman-MOLLE Black Sheath 


The ultimate survival tool is here! This small handy portable device combines the functions of 15 different tools essential for an outdoor adventure. It has a plier, wire cutter, crimper, knife, saw, hook, hammer, scraper, bottle opener, karabiner and more. Find it here! 


Personalized Fly-Fishing Box 


Know someone who loves to go fishing? Gift them this fly box made from any of walnut, alder, cherry or maple wood. The best part is it can also be personalized with laser engraving of a custom design. Find it here! 


Beach Umbrella Table with Cup Holders 


Relax on the beach with cans of cola or beer for the ultimate chill session. Prop up an umbrella anywhere and attach this mini table with cup holders to it. Avoid getting sunburnt under its shade while protecting your valuables or beverages from getting sand on them. Find it here! 


Backpack cum Folding Chair 


Imagine a backpack that can turn into a chair whenever you want. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Gift this to those who love to go hiking or fishing and look at the joy on their faces. Take a break after a long journey and sit on the folding chair that’s been on your back. Find it here! 


Portable Espresso Maker with NS Adapter 


This would be the perfect gift for both coffee persons and frequent travelers. This tiny device that fits in a hand can deliver the same coffee as your espresso machine at home. Just add boiling water and ground coffee or espresso capsules to drink fresh coffee out of its built-in cup. Find it here! 


Inflatable Hot Tub 


Want to have the luxury of unwinding in a hot tub anytime and anywhere? This highly affordable, super comfy, portable hot tub can fit up to 4 people. Perfect for families, couples and house parties, it can be set up within a few minutes. Enjoy a warm soak both indoors and outdoors in this tub with rapid heating, water filtration and massage jets. Find it here! 


Tactical Spork Tool- Spoon, Fork & Knife 


While you can’t carry a whole kitchen in your backpack, you must carry the most essential cutlery. This handy tool combines a spoon, a fork and a knife to improve your dining experience anywhere. Gift this to someone going fishing, hunting, camping or backpacking. Find it here! 


Solar Powered LED Lantern & Table Light (with USB) 


Gift this to a person who really cares about the environment. The LED light inside the mason jar is powered by a solar battery which stores energy during the day. Set it up anywhere after sundown and revel in its soft yet bright glow for up to 8 hours. Find it here! 


Flushable Wet Wipes 


Wet wipes are a must have for any traveler due to its versatile uses. Flushable wet wipes can be flushed down the toilet without clogging it. Specially designed for your sensitive nether regions, they allow you to travel without either toilet paper or water. Find it here! 


Portable All-weather and Sun Umbrella 


Protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with this 9-foot canopy umbrella. Set it up anywhere you want and receive extra coverage and wind flaps from ventilation and air flow. This easy-to-setup water-repellent umbrella will keep you dry and comfortable in any weather. Find it here! 


Grandpa’s Fire Fork 


Cooking on an open fire has never been this easy. A single stainless-steel wire that acts as a fork, can be attached to any stick. Roast your marshmallows safely while never dropping your food. This simple gift can transform any campfire or barbeque altogether. Find it here! 


Female Portable Urination Device 


This handy little device allows women to pee standing up easily and discreetly. You won’t need to squat in unfamiliar locations or stand in long queues at festivals anymore. It’s light and foldable so take it with you on all your outdoor adventures. Find it here! 


Portable Solar Cooker 


Cook your food from the energy of the sun. The portable solar cooker will cook food in as little as 20 minutes. Once you’re done cooking, keep the tray closed to keep your food hot for hours, without the sun. Designed for adventure, it’s foldable, portable, durable and completely submersible. Find it here! 


Edible Plants Survival Bandana 


When you get hungry on a hike, look for edible plants and munch on them as a snack. But how will you know which plants are safe to eat? That’s what this bandana is for. Made out of high quality, it carries diagrams and recipes for 7 common edible plants. Gift this to a survivalist. Find it here! 


World’s Toughest Ultra-light Survival Tent 


Designed for harsh weather conditions, this survival tent is perfect for trekking, hiking, camping and adventure trips. This tear-resistant, extra-thick mylar tent for two is also waterproof and reflects 90% of body heat. The tent can be folded into the size of your palm and setup within mere seconds. Find it here! 


Credit Card Size Multi-Tool Survival Kit 


This one of a kind survival card carries all the tools you will need on your next adventure. The best part is this stainless-steel object will fit in your wallet. The multi-tool card contains arrowheads, saw blades, sewing needles, snare locks, fish hooks and tweezers. It has everything you’ll need for survival. Find it here! 


Camping Tools Toy Play Set for Kids 


Light the love for camping in the heart of your little one with this camping tools play set. It includes a mini stove with cooker, cups, pots, knife and food for pretend play. Also includes a lantern, axe, hammer, shovel, torch etc. Find it here! 


gofindit- Scavenger Hunt Card Game 


With the help of these cards, play a scavenger hunt with your friends and family. It’s an outdoor game that allows you to be among nature and feel closer to the environment. The game is inclusive of all ages and fits easily in a pocket. Remember to carry it on your next family picnic or camping trip. Find it here! 


All-Weather Black Metal Clicker Pen 


This high-quality all-weather pen features excellent workmanship and proprietary ink. It will write smoothly without skipping, clumping or smearing through water, grease and mud. This pen is a great gift for writers who love being outdoors to look for some inspiration. Find it here 


Inflatable Transparent Bubble Tent 


Inflate this perfect transparent bubble tent to see the world like you’re inside a snow dome. It can fit two adults and even more children. Gift this to a special someone and spend romantic nights under starry skies. Find it here!  


National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector 


Go on a treasure hunt with this powerful metal detector. In spite of its advanced capabilities, it is light enough for children. The adjustable telescopic design makes it highly portable. Find it here! 


Atlas of Cursed Places 


Gift this ‘travel guide to dangerous and frightful destinations’ to lovers of thrill and adventure. It is a handsome volume complete with vintage maps and illustrations. Find it here! 


These are the 25 best gifts for nature lovers and travel enthusiasts who love being outdoors. These gifts will be well utilized and accompany them on thrilling adventures. 

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