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Here at Gifteee we try to make you life easier by searching for the best gift ideas. you have only one job, pick the one you like the most. The collection below includes gifts for kids, teens and adults too.

Below you will find unique, funny, smart, useful, sometimes unusual and also romantic gifts for your loved ones. Happy holidays! 


Coffee Pot Coffee Mug

This miniature version of the classic coffee pot used in diners across America is the perfect mug for piping-hot coffee or enjoying a refreshing iced coffee.



RICK AND MORTY Shot Glasses Gift Set

Cool shot glasses and drink set for the show fans


Flying Wish Paper - Write it, Light it, Watch it Fly

Flying Wish Paper is a New Party or Personal Activity — A WISHING KIT that Features All the Materials you Need to “Write it, Light it and Watch it Fly!”— Giving your Wishes New Life and Meaning,




Yoga for the Inflexible Male: A How-To Guide

Practical, down-to-earth advice on yoga for men, weekend warriors, aging athletes, and anyone else who could benefit from a bit more flexibility. “An excellent introduction . . . fun and humorous . . . This book will help make yoga less intimidating, and it’s a great way to inspire the men you care about.”—Namaste Nourished




Snow Cone Machine

Home-use electric S900A shaved ice and snow cone machine [3-piece design – easy to assemble], 2 round block ice molds, a non-slip mat, and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty





The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand


Magically control any IR device with a flick of the wrist. 



Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets Prank Gift Box

PRANK GIFT BOXES at first appear to contain bizarre products from ridiculous companies. Simply, “Put Your Real Present Inside the Joke Box" and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends & loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the present. Then watch them explode with laughter when they discover their actual stuff inside and realize they’ve been pranked.



Fairy Finder - Electronic Fairy Jar Catches Virtual Fairies

There’s always a fairy to find! Search for fairies in your bedroom, in the kitchen, outside in the garden, and even upside down! The fun of finding fairies never ends no matter where you are. Which fairies will fly onto your screen?!




The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook

This easy-to-follow book also features a section of science experiments, an introduction by R.L. Stine, full-color illustrations by celebrated Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko, and plenty of outrageous humor that is guaranteed to appeal to every generation of Garbage Pail Kids fans.



Mom Battery Low Funny Sarcastic T Shirt

Mom life! Am I right? My battery is running pretty low... Grocery shopping, ballet class, soccer practice, and all of that laundry! This shirt says it all! Sometimes mama just needs to put her feet up and have a glass of wine. Show off your hardworking mom spirit (or give this gift to the busiest mom that you love) with this comfortable and funny mom T-shirt. This mom graphic tee makes a great present for Mother's day and mom's birthdays.



LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet

Escape the stresses of everyday life for a while and enjoy some quality time recreating every menacing detail of Darth Vader’s Helmet with this collectible LEGO Star Wars building kit (75304)





Beanie Hat with LED Light

This is not only a warm Winter beanie hat, but also a hands free LED flashlight to make you warm and light up your way at night. Popular outdoor utility light for hunting, camping, travel, running, walking, anywhere you want to work lighting and free your hand.





Prank Gift Box - Baby's First Gambling Kit

The ultimate joke gift box designed to look like a real, upscale product box for an absolutely ludicrous product that doesn’t really exist.


Foosketball Game

The Foosketball tabletop action game is an exciting combination of foosball and basketball. Players grab the ball, aim, and shoot it into their opponent's basket


FORTNITE Victory Royale Series Fade Mask Collectible

Bring the world of Fortnite with you with the Victory Royale Series! Upgrade your collection with premium figures and roleplay items based on the Fortnite video game. You never know who’s dropping next, so ready up!




Electric Peanut Butter Maker

You can make delicious natural peanut butter at home and add it, while buying other nuts, it's healthier and safer than buying nuts in the store. You can taste fresh nuts and add sweeteners and spices.



Confetti Gun

With manual control, the machine can spray colorful confetti to 6-7 meters. It is easy to operate and create various effects. They are widely using in concert, stage, club, etc.



Animated Lightup Eyeball Doorbell with Terrible Sounds - Halloween 

The best choice to meet trick-or-treaters: Halloween doorbell installed on the door is the best choice to decorate the haunted house and meet the pranksters and trick-or-treaters. Its eyes shine in the dark, adding a scary touch to Halloween, making you the master of scary scenes and scaring away pranksters and trick-or-treaters.



Automatic Car Fire Extinguisher

Jogoswall Fire Extinguisher is Automatic fire extinguishing,no need for handheld operation,It can be quickly extinguished at the beginning of a fire, it won't damage the car's engine ,fire gone only need less than 10 seconds



AirPods Shotgun Case

3D cool mini toy shutgun like case



Mushroom Mug

Sip your morning drink in this novelty mug. This mushroom shaped mug has a capacity of 12.25 oz (380 ml). Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes, or cappuccinos, it can hold it all!



Taco Toaster

Next Level Tacos Take tacos to the next level with our no frying, oil-free, zero mess toaster accessory. Easy to use with simple clean up, you'll have low-calorie taco shells ready to be filled with your favorite ingredients! 




Vladimir Putin: Life Coach

What can the rise and reign of this century's most feared politician teach us about life, work and love? Rob Sears shows how the machinations that enabled Putin to dominate the Kremlin and undermine the United States could also help you take control of your mundane life. 




Friendship Morse Code Bracelets

Morse Code Bracelet Morse Code is an Alphabet or Code in Which Letters are Represented


Witchcraft Knowledge Sign

Highlights of the witchcraft knowledge at you own disposal... find and learn what are the witches best practices




The Alchemical Table of Symbols Sign

Learn about the Alchemy table of symbol, try it out you might be able to create gold...



3-in-1 Insulated Can Cooler

Hate warm beer? This HOPSULATOR TRíO keeps it icy-cold, no matter how hot your party gets; rolling 3 uses into 1, the HOPSULATOR TRíO fits all 16 oz cans, including the Arctic Adapter gel pack that enables use with standard 12 oz cans, and has a capacity of 16 oz so you can use it as a pint glass.




Gourmet Pasta Maker with 6 Interchangeable Pasta Plates

Powered by the KitchenAid stand mixer, The gourmet pasta press makes 6 types of fresh pasta from scratch quickly & easily; spaghetti, boating, fusilli, rigatoni, small & large macaroni. Made in Italy. For everything you want to make. KitchenAid.





Hermione's Time Turner (Harry Potter)

An authentic recreation of Hermione's TIME TURNER as featured in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AZKABAN . The TIME TURNER is centered with a working miniature hourglass and its inner rings rotate. Plated in 24 karat gold, measures 1 3/8 inches in diameter. Chain measures 18 inches. Comes complete with a display.





Bubble Machine Gun

Gatlin Bubble gun is the most influential bubble machine toy in TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and more streaming media recently. This bubble machine employs unique 2 air outlet design, it's powerful motor creates 7000+ Bubbles per minute. It has 4 x 50ml capacity of the liquid tank, 10 pcs concentrated liquid. On first use, bubbles will appear after 5 seconds.





A Mechanical Treasure Chest - Heart 3D Puzzle

Tin Woodman`s Heart is a wooden mechanical box with a three-word customizable code lock.




Minecraft Block Building Lamp - 16 Rearrangeable Light Blocks

Light up your space however you want with the Minecraft Block Building Light, a set of 16 separate light up blocks that can be arranged in any combination on the bedrock base



Waterphone Horror Sound Percussion Theremin 

Weird Sound. The special handmade instrument was created to produce unusual, horror sound. The unique instrument creates the horror sounds in movie, which might lead the audience or listeners into a nervous, trembling mood.




Fidget Roulette - Handheld Fortune Telling Decision Making Fidget Toy

Ask a "Yes or No" question, Spin the wheel, and stop it to get a random answer! It's as simple as that. Get a random answer in seconds!





Parrot Wine Opener

Your Party Wingman - Roses are red, Chardonnays are white, with Pinot the Parrot, you'll party all night! This wine opener keeps the good times going and the wine flowing. Grab the wine bottle opener, get everyone drinks and be the life of the party!

Build Your Own Cyborg Hand

Build your own awesome, wearable mechanical hand that you operate with your own fingers.


Car Cleaning Kit

Cleaning gel is designed to clean car air vents, steering wheels, console panel, storage bins, cup holder, door handles, dashboards and other other hard-to-reach spaces.


Potty Shot Glasses

This great looking set of 2 porta potty shot glasses are shaped like outdoor toilets and make a fun addition to your mancave, bar, or party. If your friends like bathroom humor, poop, and fart jokes, this is THE funny gift to get!



Rolled Ice Cream Maker

Have fun making homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, margaritas and more with the Chef'n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker. Sweeten any meal with ice cream or a sandwich between fresh baked cookies – the possibilities are endless! This non-electric ice cream maker is easy and quick to use. No more rock salt. No more waiting. No more store-bought pints. After using included recipes to fix ice cream mixture, pour onto frozen Sweet Spot surface. Mixture will begin to freeze instantly.

Plant Life Support - Automatic Watering System

Forget asking a friend or neighbor to water your most precious indoor plant whilst you're on holiday - this Plant Life Support will sustain your house plants with no stress!


Filth: The outrageous game for disgraceful people

Compete to invent the most outrageous 'sexploits' that will make even the most poker-faced players blush.Unmask the dirty, deviant and downright depraved minds of your friends in this side-splitting X-rated extravaganza. Easy to learn and quick to play! Use the cards to build a sentence - rude, obscene, funny or absurd - and vote on whose filthy creation best fits one of 50 categories. Is your sentence the kinkiest? The most imaginative? The most likely to end up as a tabloid headline? Win the category card to win the round!


Build your own Bat Detector

Assemble this high quality ultrasonic detector and hear sounds normally beyond human ears! Listen to the sound of bats as well as other things that emit ultrasound. You’ll be surprised to discover the number of usually inaudible sounds that surround us every day! This is an easy-build kit – all components just clip or screw together. Complete with clear, step-by-step instructions and cardboard case.


100 Beers Bucket List Scratch Poster

Carefully selected list of 100 beers to try on your bucket list from around the world


Vortex Optical Illusion Floor Mat

What a cool optical illusion doormat. just don't fall in...


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