Find amazing online courses to pass the time while isolated & staying at home (Makes a great unique gift idea!)

The coronavirus pandemic made us all stay at home alone or with our family in self isolation. Don't waste this time watching Netflix all day, use this time to enrich your self, find a new hobby, learn a new craft and even find your new career.

In this blog post you will find some of the most unique online courses that will sure to pass your time during self quarantine. These courses you can also buy as gifts for someone, its a great unique gift idea, not expensive and much fun.

So find the online course that fits you best, you can even try parts of it before you pay to see if its for you. Stay well.


Wood Carving for Beginners

Come discover the world of wood carving. This course is intended for anyone who's ever asked the question how do you carve that? How do you get started? I take my students step by step through topics like what knifes to use and what tools are needed. They will Master the four basic wood carving cuts. Then I teach my students how to create my famous Little People carvings. In this video I carve my 2020th Little Person and I just love carving them and you will too. Also we will make a very handy guide on how to carve faces, people love having this guide around. You never know what you do until you try it.

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An Introduction to the Art of Book Binding

In this introductory bookmaking course, students will learn five binding techniques. Book binding terms, materials and resources will be discussed as well as book arts communities and events. This course is perfect for anyone with a desire to make things. Hand made books are great for gifts, self published art or literature, journaling, sketchbooking, scrap booking, and much more! The art of hand made books is a meditative, fun and rewarding process that I believe everyone could benefit from being exposed to.

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Learn How To Brew Beer at you kitchen

Brewing beer dates back to the 5th century BC. It's the most consumed beverage in the world today. Home brewing has also come a long way. Since it became legal in 1978, the quality of ingredients have become so good that anyone with no prior brewing experience can make outstanding beer right on their stove top! We start you at the very beginning and step you through the easy to understand process of brewing in your kitchen with basic equipment.

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Origami Paper crafts - Elementary Online Course

Students will learn the elementary level of origami crafts. When students complete this course, he will be able to fold origami crafts, such as several patterns of airplane, boats, animals, birds, crabs, dolls, ninja's throw weapon (shuriken), or boxes without reviewing the course materials. The course material is set for one origami works for one lesson. There will be total of 30 lessons. At the end of this course, students will be able to fold Crane (the most popular origami works.) What students need to prepare is just letter size printing paper, or any kind of papers. 

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Master the Craft of Artisan Pizza

Running a highly successful wood fired micro-pizzeria inspired the founders of The Artisan Bakery School, Penny and Dragan, to add two day-courses in pizza-making to their curriculum; one wood fired and one not.  

In this comprehensive online course, you get the benefit of BOTH those courses:  how to use your wood fired oven to best effect, and how to make your ordinary oven produce extraordinary pizza.  

Building up to this, you will learn how to:

  • read your dough, and master all its stages

  • make and shape a extensive range of different doughs 

  • concoct delectable sauces

  • design a balanced flavour profile for topping ingredients

  • create finishing touches that will really elevate your pizza

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How to make sugar craft faces

In this course we will be learning how to make sugar craft faces using modelling paste / gum paste. These are something that I get asked about a lot from people that like to decorate their cakes with figure toppers, or anyone else that has an interest in similar crafts, such as polymer clay sculptors. There are around 1 and a half hours footage to this course, with a lot of information packed in. Our learning will begin with an introduction which covers the materials and equipment you will need, then moves on to look at how to create a basic face from start to finish. Then we will be looking in detail at individual features and how you can give your faces more character. This course is perfect for all cake decorators; from those who want to learn a new skill or for those seeking to improve theirs. If you would like to learn how to make sugar craft faces, whilst improving your skills and confidence, then this course is the one for you.

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Bill Origami ?!?

Bill Origami Gifts: A Beginner's Guide To Folding Creative 3D Origami Bills And Turn Them Into Gifts!

Have you ever seen paper sculptures created from money?

Like a $1 butterfly, or a $10 heart, or a $100 crane? Imagine, tipping your waiter “thank you” with a $5 heart sculpture. Or proposing, “Will you be mine?” to your crush with a $100 dollar ring? Wouldn’t that surprise and create excitement?

Bill Origami is origami - the Japanese art of paper folding, but instead of using plain paper, money bills are used instead.
They are fun to create and make very interesting conversation pieces and cash gifts.
Cash gifts become much more memorable when given with a handcrafted, personal Bill Origami touch!

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Urban Survival - How to Survive Urban Disaster Events

“May you live in interesting times!” ~ Without question humanity is certainly doing that and we as a species are potentially facing major challenges just around the corner. Such challenges may affect cities, regions, countries, or even the entire global community and may take the form of man made or natural disaster events or both. Things are happening so be as prepared as you possibly can be, as an individual, a family and as a community.

This course takes you step by step through what you need to do to ensure your as prepared as you can be for any disruption to the normal supply chain that every urban space depends completely upon everyday. It teaches you how to think to survive, how to manage your intrinsic acute stress (fight/flight) response. What to prepare and why. The course focuses on ensuring that you understand what life support measures you need to address in a collapsed urban space. It shows you what you need to do to keep your family safe!

No matter your level of experience in preparedness and urban survival, this course will assist you to begin preparing or enhance your current level of readiness. Employing a simple, practical and common sense approach to the complexity of disasters of all natures in the urban situation, this course will bolster your chances of getting out alive. Real world experience of conflict zones, disaster events and survival have informed what is included in the curriculum of this course. This is not just a collection of useful tips, tricks and hacks for urban survival - It is a no nonsense, straight forward and complete urban survival system.

“Prepare for the worst – hope for the best”. 

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Learn book folding to create unique gifts/paper craft

Smile - Book Folding Pattern - 559 Pages/280 Folds - Book Folding ...

Book folding is a craft that allows you to recycle used books to create unique and meaningful gifts.  We will begin with the basic measure and fold pattern and two patterns (Home and Family) will be provided for you to use for your own creations.  You will need a hardcover book, ruler, and pencil to begin this activity. 

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Candle Making for Beginners

Candle making is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable of all crafts. You get the creative pleasure and sense of achievement from making your candles and then the enjoyment of using them in your own home, giving them as wonderful gifts or even starting your own craft business. Making candles requires no special skills beyond those taught in this course, it's a craft that's open to anyone - if you can measure flour and boil water, you can make candles!

So why not click the Start Learning button to get cracking in this amazing craft. Or continue reading for more info on the course.

This course will take you from knowing nothing about candle making to having all the knowledge and skills you need to make a range of gorgeous pillar and container candles. Once you've completed the course, you'll be able to use your new-found expertise to confidently invent your own candle recipes.

The course is made up of two main parts. In the first part, I'll use a series of animated video lectures to walk you through the essential concepts you need to understand in order to make candles safely.

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Fruit Crafting: How To Make A Watermelon Arrangement

Are you tired of not knowing what to bring to a special get together or how to show someone special you care about them? Get amazing ideas and follow along in this "Crafting with Fruit Workshop!

This is the fruit carving course you need if you love fruit and want to get hands-on and creative with cutting and carving fruit! Inside this course, there are two different watermelon carving designs we practice, the "Tropical Watermelon Bowl" and the "Peacock Bowl."

This is course is for BEGINNERS who don't have any experience in creating watermelon fruit bowls but would love easy follow steps to break it all down for them so you too can have an amazing fruit bowl. By the end of this course, you will learn how to take various fruit and transform them into a jaw-dropping watermelon fruit bowl that can hold anything.

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Give A Second Life To Old Furniture With Restoration Tips

Everyone has a valuable piece of furniture somewhere at home, maybe in the attic, which is not valued for what it is or for its potential because of its condition. Paint stripping and subsequent varnishing can increase the value of your furniture in different ways; but, are you able to recognize the kind of varnish on the furniture and remove it in the most appropriate way without damaging the patina of it?

The course consists of individual lessons on different concepts necessary to recognize the furniture and its varnish, and on different techniques to remove the varnish, in order to deal in the best suitable way with each piece of furniture.

You will learn how to remove varnish from all kinds of furniture and give it a new life. You will see some furniture get a brand new look, even on new pieces.

Lectures can be completed individually or in sequence.

Course Structure (Sections)

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to paint stripping
  • Recognizing different kinds of varnish
  • Chemical paint stripping
  • Thermal paint stripping
  • How can paint stripping increase the value of your furniture

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