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Bill Origami Gifts (Online Course)

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What you'll learn
  • Understand the folding techniques in origami
  • Be able to know how to create different origami models
  • Experience the traditional Japanese art


Bill Origami Gifts: A Beginner's Guide To Folding Creative 3D Origami Bills And Turn Them Into Gifts!

Have you ever seen paper sculptures created from money?

Like a $1 butterfly, or a $10 heart, or a $100 crane? Imagine, tipping your waiter “thank you” with a $5 heart sculpture. Or proposing, “Will you be mine?” to your crush with a $100 dollar ring? Wouldn’t that surprise and create excitement?

Bill Origami is origami - the Japanese art of paper folding, but instead of using plain paper, money bills are used instead.
They are fun to create and make very interesting conversation pieces and cash gifts.
Cash gifts become much more memorable when given with a handcrafted, personal Bill Origami touch!

Learn The Delightful Art Of Bill Origami Gifts

With over 10 years of origami crafting experience, my passion has led me to share with you this exciting 3D art. In this course, you’ll learn via a step-by-step, easy to follow video…

  • The 9 Fundamental Basic Folds in Getting Started with Bill Origami Gifts Tutorial

In addition, you’ll have access to

●     12 Origami Model Tutorials

●     5 Printable Gift Card Envelope Designs along with a tutorial

●     And so you don’t keep folding and unfolding your bills, you get downloadable, printable Practice Money Bills to fold.

It’s that exciting with Bill Origami Gifts!

Join Now! 
and learn the brilliant art of creating 3D art creations from money bills!

Who this course is for:
  • For all levels especially to those who are starting in origami.