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Xbox One Elite Controller

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Details: 7 Watts Xbox One Elite Controller Rapid Fire Mod is revamping the standard of basic level game performance. Do you want to be able to increase the speed of shots fired in your favorite games? At 7 Watts, we design modifications that can do that, and more. We made this XBOX ONE Elite Modded controller to give you advanced rapid fire in your game. Choose the number of shots fired per second from four different levels. We made it, now you take it faster and further than ever before. 7 Watts is a video game controller modification company that is taking video gaming to a higher standard of fun and adventure. We develop modifications for XBOX ONE controllers that have advanced features to give dedicated gamers an even better selection of customized options. If you are ready to kick up your level of gaming, we have the tech you need to increase performance and take gaming to the next level. This Elite controller for XBOX ONE works around patches for all FPS games like Halo, Call of Duty, WWII Destiny, Battlefield, Doom, Overwatch, and more. We are constantly thinking of better ways to play and are stoked to announce that PS4 modifications are in design stages now. 7 Watts delivers an awesome artillery of modifications. Don't be satisfied with mediocrity. We are revolutionizing the gaming world with products that let you beat even your own expectations, by giving you several optimized speeds of rapid fire for various weapons and weapon types that include Auto Aim, Burst Mode, Quick Scope, Drop Shot, and more. No programming is required because our Mod Chip comes pre-programmed. Clear instructions are also provided on our website. Each of our Xbox One Elite game controllers is tested and quality checked before shipping. Be the boss of your gaming world with our game controller mods and be the one everyone else wants to beat. Be a more formidable opponent and exceed your own prior limits with 7 Watts Modded Xbox One game controllers for serious gamers like you!


  • Top Rated by Top Gamers. Simple mod works around patches for all FPS games: Apex Legends, The Division, Battlefield, Call of Duty BO4, Fortnite, PUBG, Destiny, Overwatch, all of them. Easily disabled for playing non-shooter games.
  • Gives you several optimized speeds of Rapid Fire for various weapons and weapon types. Also includes Auto Aim, Burst Mode, Quick Scope, Drop Shot and more!
  • No programming required, Mod Chip is pre-programmed. Clear instructions provided on our website.
  • Each controller is tested and quality checked before shipping. Beat the best with 7 Watts Mod Controllers.
  • The Premium Elite Controller, Now MODDED and With Blue Flames Faceplate! Limited Quantity, Going Quickly, Buy Now!

Brand: 7 Watts

Color: Elite Blue Flames

Platform: Xbox One

Publisher: 7 Watts

UPC: 853421008045

EAN: 0634385602902

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 8.2 x 4.7 inches