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What's That Smell? The Party Game That Stinks - Scent Guessing Game

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Details: The party game that stinks! what's that smell? is the hilariously fragrant guessing game that will throw your sense of smell into OVERDRIVE. Guess the scents correctly to outrank your family and friends or suffer the Stinky consequences of the Whiff of shame! download the companion app and capture it all on your reekcam. Game includes 48 mystery Whiff cards, 4 stank cards & scent-barrier bags, 6 cardholders, Whiff strips, scorepad and instructions. Let the nostril flaring begin!


  • A hilariously Fragrant guessing game that puts your sniffer to the test with over 50 smells from nice to downright nasty!
  • Game includes 48 mystery whiff cards, 4 STANK cards & scent-barrier bags, 6 cardholders, a sheet of whiff strips, scorepad and instructions for 2-6 players ages 14+
  • Winner gets to pick the loser to suffer the whiff of shame! take 3 big whiffs of one of the 4 outrageously Stinky STANK cards: extra old toe cheese, diaper blowout, hot chunky vomit or smothered in B.O.
  • Download the free app to keep track of time, get bonus points and capture the losers recoiling face in Super slow motion Glory!
  • Cards will last over and over and come folded to conceal the answers... and keep the smells contained!

Brand: WowWee

Publisher: WowWee- Toys

Warranty: 90 day warranty against manufacturer defects

UPC: 771171179108

EAN: 0800345167860

Release Date: 2018-07-01

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 8.4 x 3.0 inches

Languages: English