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Rubber Band Gun

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Details: The Rubber Band Machine Gun is a fully automatic, rapid fire gun that shoots rubber bands like nobody's business. Press the trigger and a battery powered electric motor operates to fire ammo continuously while you hold the trigger. Finally, here's your chance to "fire your gun in the air while shouting 'Arrhhhhhh'." This ships as a kit of laser cut wood parts that you can assemble in about 30 minutes. Tools required are screwdrivers and pliers. Not only is it fun to fire rubber bands in full rock and roll mode, the kit is a great opportunity for education, hidden in a fun form. Learn about electric motors, and simple machines, then blast some soda cans into oblivion.

Brand: TGO

Color: Multicoloured


  • Rubber band machine gun kit
  • Laser cut wood parts which can be assembled in 30 minutes
  • Battery fired (batteries not included)
  • Fires up to 63 rubber bands
  • Rapid fire - 10 rubber bands per second

EAN: 5425635574590