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Vampire Hunting Kit

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Are you a true vampire slayer in search of the ultimate vampire hunting kit? Look no further than this highly customized, one-of-a-kind, handmade Vampire Hunting Kit! This kit has everything a discerning vampire hunter could hope for, ensuring that you'll be well-equipped to take on any blood-sucking foe.

Inside the beautifully crafted hand dovetailed case with antique reproduction hardware, you'll find 13 assorted vials filled with herbs, seeds, roots, and other powerful ingredients. There's also holy water and a syringe, as well as garlic cloves to ward off any lurking vampires.

In addition to the essential vampire slaying tools, this kit includes four wooden vampire stakes of varying sizes, along with a wooden mallet for driving them into the hearts of the undead. A vintage bible from the late 1800s and a vintage rosary are also included for added protection.

Other impressive features of this kit include two candlesticks and a reproduction set of Brighton Buns for added ambiance, strike anywhere matches with a custom wooden case, a 13" dagger with a coffin-shaped handle, two coils of rope, rusty nails, an antique mirror, magnifying glass, binocular, compass, and multi-tool.

But that's not all - this kit even has a secret compartment with a hidden letter and a detailed instruction manual to guide you on your vampire-hunting journey. With a weight of approximately 65 pounds and measuring approximately 24" x 13" x 15", this kit is not only impressive but also practical.

So if you're ready to take on the world of the undead, invest in this unparalleled Vampire Hunting Kit and become the ultimate vampire slayer!