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Turkey Call - One Piece Hand Tuned Box Call

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Details: For true turkey hunters, this great American classic was invented by Tom Gaskins, Sr. in 1946. This one piece box call, often called "The Classic," is still being made in south Florida by the Gaskins family and will not disappoint. It is more like an instrument than any other call on the market. It is easy to use and the call you are least likely to make a mistake on. As with any instrument, they're even better with time and practice. "The bottom line, IT HAS TONE. This call has VERSATILITY OF TONE like no other we know of. The relationship of the striker to the box is not fixed as with many calls. Toward the end of the tone board, and also the end of the striker, you will get higher tones like a hen, while toward the middle of the tone board and striker you will get lower, raspy sounds like a gobbler. In other words, it acts very much like a violin in that you can get a wide variety of tones. It Putts, Purrs, & Yelps. In order to Gobble..Get another call!! That's right, our call doesn't gobble. We worried about that for one minute then remembered...Hens don't gobble and they don't seem to have a problem calling a gobbler!!" Tom Gaskins, Jr. ---See Pictures for detailed brochure information---


  • One piece cedar box call Putts, Purrs, & Yelps
  • Each call is hand made and hand tuned
  • Great Tone! With the widest range of tone like no other -VERY AUTHENTIC -
  • The call you are least likely to make a mistake on
  • Compact & Convenient size

Brand: Tom Gaskins Turkey Call

Publisher: Tom Gaskins

UPC: 792382302383

EAN: 0792382302383

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 4.7 x 1.3 inches