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Trampoline Bounceboard

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Details: Just strap this board to your feet and start jumping. Practice different sports tricks or even invent new ones! The JumpSport Bounceboard is designed for kids 10-18 years old, but older "children" will love the Bounceboard too. The JumpSport Bounceboard is the softer choice to practice snowboard and wakeboard tricks. This is an exciting new accessory for backyard trampolines and water trampolines. Catch Air! The Bounceboard won't damage the trampoline or any other resilient structure it is used on. It is recommended that the JumpSport Bounceboard only be used by advanced jumpers. Read and follow all instructions and safety guidelines before use.


  • Adjustable foot straps with heavy duty Velcro-like closures
  • Durable, Soft, Flexible, closed cell polyethylene foam board construction
  • Slip resistant fabric bottom
  • Large 34" x 12" x 2" board size. Great for grab tricks!
  • One of JumpSport's most popular Trampoline Accessories

Brand: JumpSport

Publisher: JumpSport