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Space Invaders Miniature Arcade Game

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This is an officially licensed miniature replica of the vintage original Space Invaders video arcade game. Here are the details:

  • Size: The miniature arcade game measures less than 4 x 2 x 2 inches, making it incredibly compact and portable. It can easily fit in your pocket, pocketbook, or backpack, allowing you to take the fun of Space Invaders with you wherever you go.

  • Game Play: Despite its small size, this miniature arcade game offers true, fully functional, and authentic gameplay of Space Invaders. It features multi-level gameplay that stays true to the original, full-size arcade game.

  • Graphics: The game boasts high-resolution, high-definition color graphics that faithfully recreate the visual experience of the original Space Invaders.

  • Sound: It includes authentic game sounds, capturing the classic audio effects of the original arcade game.

  • Joystick and Buttons: The game is equipped with a joystick that allows you to move the laser cannon back and forth to take aim at the descending aliens. The buttons are used to fire at the alien invaders. The more aliens you destroy, the faster they descend, providing a challenging gaming experience.

  • Light-Up Header: The game features a light-up header that adds to its retro arcade aesthetic and enhances the gameplay experience.

  • Bonus Points: Players can aim to hit the mystery ship for bonus points, just like in the original Space Invaders.

This Tiny Arcade Space Invaders game is a perfect nostalgic gift for fans of retro gaming. Despite its small size, it provides an authentic and enjoyable gaming experience that captures the essence of the classic arcade game. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for a bit of arcade fun, this miniature replica offers hours of entertainment.