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Thermoplastic Custom Dracula Fangs

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Details: Our Custom Dracula Fangs come complete with Non-Toxic Alpha-1 Thermoplastic that makes into a partial plate for a perfect fit. Actors do really appreciate Custom Dracula Fangs since they are the most comfortable and best wearing vampire fangs ever made. When doing theatrical performances that require the wearing of vampire fangs, Custom Dracula Fangs allow for easy talking. They are streamlined for comfort and double chambered for superior anchoring. Custom Designer Fangs come packaged in the Original 3D velvet-lined Coffin Box! They are The Original Fangs in the Coffin! Not only are they realistic dental enamel colored fangs, but Custom Dracula Fangs can be repeatedly put in and taken out of their mouths at a moment's notice. Actors do not have to prepare the fangs with any adhesive whatsoever. Though, once the Cutom Dracula Fangs partial plates (which blend into their own teeth) are mounted onto their teeth, Custom Dracula Fangs anchor securely and do not fall out. You have your own natural bite. and do not have to bite down on the fang. Yet, they are easy to talk with, and they look natural! SIZING: From the Dracula House collection, The Original Dracula Fangs in a Coffin are available in two sizes. he medium size fangs are more subtle, for people who want to be not as noticeable. The large size fangs are very dramatic and dominating, for people who want to really shock their friends. Medium fits most women and Large fits most men. NO RETURNS ALLOWED ON MOUTHPIECES. Dimensions: (coffin box) 6" x 3" x 2"


  • Dracula Fangs vampire teeth includes 2 plastic upper fangs. Natural looking dental enamel color. Mens adult size large, approximately 18 mm long
  • Custom fangs include nontoxic Alpha One Thermoplastic molding compound and detailed instructions. Packaged in a coffin box
  • Make a quick and easy partial plate mold of your neighboring teeth to securely anchor your fangs in place. No smelly or bad-tasting toxic chemicals. The compound is re-moldable for a great fit
  • Fangs can be removed from your mouth and replaced as often as you like. Fangs anchor securely, aligning with your natural bite. Easy to talk with
  • For use as vampire, Dracula, werewolf, zombie and cosplay costume accessory

Brand: Foothills Creations

Color: White

Publisher: Foothills Creations

UPC: 799760130064

EAN: 0799760739076

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches