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The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year

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A laugh-out-loud guide to the first year of motherhood, filled with helpful advice and wisdom from real moms and dads who aren't at all afraid to tell it like it is

There comes a time in every new mother's life when she finds herself staring at her screaming, smelly "bundle of joy" and wishing someone had told her that her house would reek of vomit, or that she shouldn't buy the cute onesies with a thousand impossible buttons, or that she might cry more than the baby.

Best-selling author Dawn Dais, mother of two tiny terrors, is convinced that there is a reason for this lack of preparedness. She believes that a vast conspiracy exists to hide the horrific truth about parenting from doe-eyed expectant mothers who might otherwise abandon their babies in hospitals and run for it. Eschewing the adorableness that oozes out of other parenting books, Dais offers real advice from real moms-along with hilarious anecdotes, clever tips, and the genuine encouragement every mom needs in order to survive the first year of parenthood. The Sh!t No One Tells You is a must-have companion for every new mother's sleepless nights and poop-filled days.


  • The Sh t No One Tells You

Brand: Dawn Dais

ISBN: 1580054846

Author: Dawn Dais

Number Of Pages: 264

Publisher: Seal Press

EAN: 9781580054843

Release Date: 2013-06-04

Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.4 x 0.7 inches

Languages: English