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The Remote Controlled Abrams Tank

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This is the remote controlled tank that replicates the authentic details of the U.S. military’s M1A2 Abrams with realistic movement, sounds, and lights. The tank is at a 1:16 scale, detailed with desert weathering, and moves with working individual suspension on rubber treads. From up to 60' away, the 2.4 GHz digital proportional remote control provides forward, backward, left and right turns, and 360° spins. Housed in a turret that rotates 270°, its main gun fires with realistic recoil and cannon report, shooting seven 6mm-diam. plastic pellets in rapid succession at long-range targets up to 20' away, lowering or raising at your command with authentic sound. Its crewed .50-cal. machine gun shimmies and shakes with realistic sound when “fired” while a second 7.62mm machine gun provides point defense. Twin headlights illuminate the path ahead to victory. The RC tank’s rechargeable battery enables up to 30-minute engagements from a four-hour charge using the included AC adapter. Includes 15 pellets. Remote requires six AA batteries