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Witchlight Sand Lantern Necklace

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Details: Perfect for supernatural cosplay as well, as Castiel's Grace., or for Shadow Hunter cosplay from The Mortal Instruments. The more charge you give it, the brighter it glows. The lantern is glass, sealed with epoxy and contains high quality mineral glowing "sand" crystals. A glass bead accent dangles from the bottom. It is slightly larger and heavier than my other lantern style pendants. It is just under 2" long (without measuring the bead) and almost 3/4" wide. It is the largest of the lantern series of pendants. It is solid, unique and beautiful. It comes on a gunmetal rolo chain with clasp closure. Witchlight is a light, flat, smooth grey stone that emits light, which gives off a pure white glow when held by Shadowhunters. All Shadowhunters carry witchlight stones to remind them that light can be found even among the darkest shadows, and also to supply them with actual light when they are literally among dark shadows.

Brand: Geek Freak Boutique Handmade

Package Dimensions: 3.0 x 2.1 x 0.5 inches