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Tricking Your Way to Mental Superpowers (Faking Smart Book 3)

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Learn One Of The Greatest Mental Magic Tricks - in 10 minutes flat!

It's quick, it's easy, and it will confuse people for reasons that will be frustrating and alien.

This is an example of how your brain can appear to work like a calculator on steroids...

Perform this genius seemingly-mathematical feat on any napkin, any receipt, or even on your friend's arm.

You will have a Magician's Grand Finale in your hands at any moment. This gets audible gasps, and you can wow people with this for the rest of your life...

  • No props or gimmicks

  • Packs flat - inside your head!

  • Ready to impress at any moment

  • Learn once, perform forever

  • Show yourself off as a Mathemagician!

The Magic Square shows just how easy it is to fake a Super Genius math ability.

  • Amaze and Confound Friends
  • Instantly Baffle Brains for Fun!
  • Blow Minds Beyond Explanation
  • Trick Your Way to Mental Superpowers


    Your friend will name a random number. You grab your pen and rapidly write out 16 numbers into a 4x4 grid. With a smug flourish, you then reveal that all combinations and directions within the grid add up to their chosen number. Each vertical column adds up to their number. Each horizontal line adds up to their number. Each block of 4 adds up. Each opposite pair adds up. Each diagonal adds up. And even the 4 corners add up - all to their chosen number.

    You appear to have performed thousands of calculations, in your head in mere seconds, producing a Magic Square of exquisite mathematical elegance. It is simply mind-blowing.


    Effortlessly perform a trick that it seems only a computer could perform, and learn how in 10 minutes from right now.

    99.99% of people won't even come close to solving this.

    The most plausible explanation is, quite simply, that you're a genuine Hidden Genius...

    Author: Lewis Smile

    Format: Kindle eBook

    Number Of Pages: 45

    Release Date: 2012-05-20

    Languages: English