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The Jurassic Park Electric Ride On

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This is the electric ride-on modeled after SUVs in the Jurassic Park series. Its 6-volt battery propels the vehicle at two speeds up to 3 mph when the gas pedal is pressed, allowing a driver to outrace Velociraptors and outmaneuver a Tyrannosaurus or Indominus rex. Releasing the pedal brings the SUV to a stop and an included remote enables parents to control the vehicle’s speed and operation. It generates realistic engine and horn sounds, and has built-in speakers that play music from a smartphone via an included auxiliary cable. With working headlights and side view mirrors to aide in navigating adventures across Isla Nublar. Battery provides up to 1 1/2 hours of power on a full charge. For a single rider up to 65 lbs. Assembly required. For ages 2 to 5. 44" H x 23" L x 15" W. (46 lbs.)