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The Famous Face Vase Optical Illusion w' Custom 3D Print of your own face!

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Is it a face or a vase? 
OMG - it's both - it's a FACEVASE! 
Even more, it's YOUR Face! 

Imagine that - YOUR face as an optical illusion, doesn't that sound *marvelous*? We all love optical illusions, don't we?

My original idea, 3D printed person's profile as an optical illusion - custom made to order. You will not see this anywhere else!


It is a statue, a real object that you can display. 
Something to talk about. 
It's a unique profile-portrait! 
And on top of that - it's an optical illusion!

It's an original idea to present you with a customized side profile of your face as an actual, real-life optical illusion you can touch and be amazed. 
I use a side face profile to make a 'vase'. (Well it's hollow inside and in the middle so don't put any water in it, it would run just through.)


- I would need one or more 'side profile' photos. This means that the person should be looking at 90° angle and NOT towards the camera. Normally this would require you to shoot a photo for this specific reason, so I might get back to you requesting another photo - only to avoid the final result not being the best it can. NECK and FOREHEAD should both be visible. Also - NO GLASSES, please. See photo section for examples what works and what doesn't. 
- Please use "Request Custom Order" option to send me the photos, also write me about A) the size variant and B) which color of plastic you want the object to be printed with as well as possible deadline for sending you the product (optional). 
- If you want more of the same or different ones, it can be arranged as well. 
- Your picture will then be transformed into a beautiful object, carefully 3D printed and delivered safely packed.

A) Size options: 7cm / 10cm / 15cm / 30cm (if you want larger, let me know, I can make it up to 40 cm in height).
B) Color variations: white (as the one on the photos) / black / dark semi-translucent orange / luminiscent green (glows in the dark!). You may choose only one color for one Facevase. 

Your Facevase can be made quickly, 3-5 business days maximum.

Any questions, feel free to ask.