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Telepathy - Head-to-head logic, strategy game

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Details: Like Battleship and Mastermind meet Sudoku - Telepathy is a fun strategy game combining logic, deduction and more. Players master the skills of strategy, logic and deduction as they go head-to-head to see who can be the first to guess their opponent's secret square. In Telepathy, two players (or teams) race head-to-head to see who can be the first to correctly guess the opponent's secret square using only strategic thinking, deduction, logic and a sharp memory. Every turn brings you closer to finding the hidden ancient symbol. But watch out! Your opponent may be closer to solving your secret square than you think!!! Secret squares are defined by 4 variables: symbol, color, row, and column. After selecting and writing down the secret square on the Secrecy Shield, players then take turns making strategic guesses, recording the responses and eliminating variables until they feel confident they can correctly guess the secret square and win! The Secrecy Shields enhance the game play by providing a real focal point for your Telepathic powers so you can really try to concentrate to see if you can get that supernatural psychic advantage! With a minimal amount of pieces, Telepathy is fast to set-up, easy to learn, and always provides a great mental challenge for hours and hours of play that never gets old. For Ages 10 years and Up; Game Includes: 2 Telepathy Grid Boards, 2 Secrecy Shields with Stands, 2 Dry Erase Markers, 2 Dry Erase Wipe Cloths, Rulebook.


  • Award-Winning Game Play You Can Trust - Telepathy has won multiple awards from parenting groups
  • A Fun Game That Also Benefits the Brain - learn, reinforce and exercise important mental skills, including memory, every time you play
  • Like Battleship meets Sudoku - combines favorite elements of popular classic strategy games for a unique new game
  • Exciting Head-to-Head Action for Two Players or Teams - suitable for ages 10 years and up, kids to seniors can enjoy and benefit from the back-and-forth game action
  • Each set includes 2 gameboards, 2 secrecy shields, 2 dry erase markers and wipe cloths, and instructions. Makes a great gift.

Brand: Mighty Fun!

Color: Multi-colored

Genre: strategy

Publisher: Mighty Fun!

UPC: 851167006448

EAN: 0851167006448

Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 10.5 x 1.5 inches