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Talkie by Toymail

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Talkies by Toymail are the breakthrough simple way to let kids voice chat with friends and family, without putting them in front of a screen. With Talkies, kids as young as 3 yrs old can send voice messages just by pushing a button on their favorite Talkie. Messages are immediately sent to parent-approved contacts via the free Toymail app for IOS/Android/Kindle.

Perfect for cross country relatives, parents at work, or even your child's best friends as Toymail works Talkie-to-Talkie too! Toymail also offers premium cloud features: Fun daily jokes, words and songs, routine and chore reminders, bedtime and activity notifiers, and even an alarm clock. Everything you need to foster your kiddo's good habits.


  • THE EASY WAY TO CONNECT: With the press of a button on their Talkie, your pint-size loved one can send you a voice message any time, and you can reply directly from our free Toymail app. Want to share the joy? Add family and friends to the Talkie's trusted contacts and boost your kids' social chops! Send messages from TALKIE-to-APP or TALKIE-to-TALKIE.
  • MADE FOR KIDS, SCREEN-LESS: Using a Talkie is simple. Squeeze the toy to play messages, press the smiley face button to cycle through contacts, and press the chat button to record and send a message. Perfect for 3 year olds and up! Talkies foster communication skills encouraging kids to connect with family and friends without distractions. You'll love the honest and spontaneous messages and stories your imaginative child will share with you.
  • SAFE AND SMART: Talkies connect over your secure 2.4Ghz home Wi-Fi. Sending and receiving voice messages is completely free, no phone-plan needed! Talkies are the modern long distance walkie-talkie ideal for globetrotting moms and dads, grandparents, divorced parents, and those deployed in the armed forces (air force, navy, army, military). Give your child a safe means of entertainment and connection. No more worrying about unfiltered access to content that other internet connected devices enabl
  • ADORABLE & CUDDLY: Talkies stuffed animal exterior is a super soft to the touch interactive plush toy. A talking toy that delivers voice messages is not only magical to interact with during the day, but Talkies make great bedtime companions too by enabling Talkie's night-mode. With seven adorable and huggable characters, one will be just right for your kiddo! Talkie skins are interchangeable too! Just slip out the TalkieBox (the smart tech inside) and place it into any plush skin to give your ch
  • ENHANCE PLAYTIME, EXPAND YOUR TOY: The optional Toymail cloud service unlocks a whole new world. Expand their knowledge with vocabulary, number and science facts. Kids can play our hide-and-seek game, and listen to songs and jokes. Toymail's cloud can make parent's lives a little easier by creating reminders for homework, activities, and chores. Create bedtime routines to brush teeth, wind down for bed, and say good night to the objects in your child's room. Morning wake up is a breeze with the

Brand: Toymail

Color: Green

Publisher: Toymail

UPC: 899175001086

EAN: 0899175001086

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 8.0 x 4.0 inches

Languages: English