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Tabletop Glass Fireplace

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This indoor/outdoor lantern can add light to your patio and roast S'mores, too!

Add a mini-fireplace to your next gathering to enjoy the dancing flame for hours. With gel fuel, this lantern lights instantly and can be controlled easily for safety. The 6" tall thick, beveled glass adds interesting reflections, but can also be removed quickly for making dessert, like S'mores! The fuel is refillable easily! 

This kit is made up of a few parts. The base is a natural birch, it's wood that can be stained or painted. If you plan on leaving it outdoors, a finish should be applied. 4 pieces of heavy beveled glass make up the top. The base comes as 11 pieces that snap together easily without glue or special hardware in minutes. Lava rock (for decoration), and sand, plus your fuel, takes care of the business end of the fireplace. Just add your own small 2.6oz can of Sterno Gel Fuel to complete this package!

Find the complete build instructions on our website:
You'll find all our PDF files to view and download

Sand and lava rock are heavy to ship. I now have a lower cost option for customers who want to supply their own. Sand is necessary to disperse the heat of the flame away from the wood, but the rocks are a nice decorative touch only and not required. 

The unit is about 6 1/2" square and stands about 9" tall. 

New Shipping Options: Not everyone wants to pay for common rocks and sand you might already have in your backyard. So if you're the DIY type.. save a few dollars and opt out of the sand and rocks for $29. If you want to get exactly what you see in the photo with a complete kit.. choose the regular $39 option. 

Disclaimers: It's fire! Be cautious, especially with children around. It's Glass! Use caution before touching any surface that has been near the flame. The kit comes with sand to keep the fuel centered and protect the wood from heat. Although other fuels may work in this unit, only Gel Fuel, like the type found in Sterno was tested. Too much heat may damage.. everything. Never leave an open flame unattended. 

*DUE TO SHIPPING REGULATIONS, FUEL CAN NOT BE INCLUDED AS PART OF THE KIT. A 2.6oz can of Sterno is fairly inexpensive, easy to find, and can be refilled cheaply as well. (Order from Amazon for quick delivery if you prefer. A 3pk is about $6) According to Sterno, their 2.6oz can burns for up to 45min.

The actual flame is a nice steady glow, mostly blue with a few orange highlights. The nature of night photography enhances the flame seen in the photo to appear larger. Other fuels may produce different results (See disclaimer above.)