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Steampunk Chess Set

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As an ardent fan, or steampunk, and a long-time chess player, it's no surprise that this is my very first concept and what made me start with 3D printing.

A beautiful, special and lovingly crafted collection of chesses. The steampunk chess pieces are made from steel and brass to look like mechanical monsters.

The pawn wears a hazmat suite and goggles, the knight is an oil pump brought to life, the officer is a moustached law enforcer and the rook is a threatening machine gun tower.

That set is unique to the queen and king. The King is a clock tower in Big Ben form and the Queen is a juggernaut with spiked cog wheels and barbs.

It's an absolute delight to play this set of steampunk chess.


3D Printed in black PLA filament on the Ender 3.

Rough finish for this look of extra old steampunk / dieselpunk chess.

Sealed with varnish mist.

The frame is 13 sq centimetres,

Pieces vary in size from 3 "to 2" wide.