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Steampunk bangle for iWatch

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Steampunk bangle for iWatch 42 mm. , number Two ( Water ) steampunk style.
Author's design.
Author's production.

The basis of this steampunk bracelet is a leather bracelet made of thick leather black - slightly shabby for the kind of old.

The basis of the composition is brass strip, is very thick and strong.
On the strip is a plumbing composition.
Bolts and nuts 1.2 mm.

This bracelet is no glue - everything is welded to the silver solder.

The composition is fastened to a bracelet - 4 bolts of 1.2 mm each on each side.

Included - two removable "ears" for the iWatch, gold color.

At the bottom The bracelet - there is a large hole charging.

On the hand bracelet look - brutal and very original.