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STARY Electric Skateboard

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Details: This is the first innovative masterpiece from STARY's Team: an E-board featuring an in-wheel powering system and embedded battery. A beast that can conquer any type of road, and a newly designed commuting device that brings a brand new perspective to the world of transportation. It is more than just a simple tool; it brings both joy and excitement to the new lifestyle that we all thrive for. Order now to experience our cutting-edge technology, The Stary Electric Board. One Minute Obtain a New Skill Smooth break makes for a more enjoyable ride Induction Switch Remote Control Intelligent Sleep Mode Stable Communication Based on 2.4Ghz Three Speed Modes Ergonomic Design Steady Brake Control Rider safety has always been our top priority in designing the Stary Electric Board. Through numerous calculations and experiments, our engineers have finally figured out the most rider-friendly brake curve to bring a smooth and steady stop. Grab and Go STARY is the lightest electric vehicle in the world, weighing only 11.6 lbs (5.2 kg). We developed a unibody deck with a combination of fiber glass, Canadian maple, and carbon fiber. The in-wheel motor combined with the gearbox make the board both powerful and safe at the same time. We designed the STARY electric board so beginners are able to learn how to ride it within minutes, but we also designed it for those who seek the thrilling experience of speed. MOTOR Highly Customized Board Motor To reach 18.6 mph with more than a 90kg load, we said 'no' to all the existing motor designs. We recalculated the coil each magnetic pole needs and sophisticatedly decelerated planetary gear set with the motor, to create what we have today.

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