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Five Min Marvel Fast-Paced Cooperative Card

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Details: Get your adrenaline pumping and your superpowers ready with the fast-paced, cooperative card game, 5-Minute Marvel. Choose to play as one of ten Marvel heroes and join forces with the other players to battle six nefarious Bosses. Along the way, thwart an endless stream of Villains, Minions and Goons—there’s no shortage of evil out there! Use Resource Cards, Action Cards and special abilities to defeat the first boss, Green Goblin, before time runs out. The mission gets more challenging as there are four more bosses to outwit before the final boss showdown. Wait…stop everything! At any time there could be a Crisis Card that demands your immediate attention before the mission can continue. Only quick-thinking and teamwork will get you to the final battle against the all-powerful Thanos. In the hectic and intense, final quest you must use your smarts because there are only so many cards to play, so many ways to fail, and so little time. Split-second decisions and chaotic card-slinging are all part of the frenzied fun of 5-Minute Marvel as every second counts when you only have five minutes to win together—or perish! Anytime, anywhere, if you have five minutes, it’s time to play 5-Minute Marvel!


  • FAST & FUN CARD GAME: Choose your favorite Marvel hero & play with their strengths & special abilities to defeat the mighty Thanos in this fast-paced cooperative 5-minute card game for kids age 8 & up
  • TEAM UP: Unite with other Marvel heroes to take on an endless stream of enemies. Strategize to overcome obstacles & challenges thrown your way & celebrate victory when you crush Thanos to win the game
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Brand: Spin Master Games

Color: Multicolor

Publisher: Spin Master

UPC: 778988554098

EAN: 0778988554098

Release Date: 2019-02-13

Package Dimensions: 10.4 x 10.4 x 2.4 inches