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Soap Grenade

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Details: Want to feel like a real man? Put some hair on your chest with this manly full-sized soap Grenade ! The 'Black Stallion' soap Grenade will wash away the dirt and grime, and make you feel like a real man should - This 'musk'-ular (get it? ha ha) scent will leave you feeling as burly as Paul Bunyan and as stealthy as James Bond...seriously - what woman could resist such a man ;) Unleash the manly man inside and use this burly soap Grenade to emphasize how much of a man you really are.


  • Makes a Great Unique Gift for ANY MAN! (The Soap Grenades are perfect stocking stuffers!)
  • Attractive fragrance of Musk & Sandalwood - The Ladies Love It!
  • The Soap Grenades are handmade in the USA and Full Size (Molded from a real 'Pineapple MKII Grenade')
  • Glycerin Based Soap is mild and gentle for any skin type
  • Put some BANG in your Bathtime with a Handmade Soap Grenade!

Brand: ChocolateWeapons & SoapWeapons

Color: Black

Publisher: ChocolateWeapons & SoapWeapons

Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.3 x 4.2 inches