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Anti Snoring Solution

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  • ✔ WHO SHOULD TRY SMART NORA? Most people snore because of their airway constricting during sleep. Smart Nora is designed for these types of snorers by gently moving the head to stimulate and open up the airway. Smart Nora will not be effective for those who snore for other reasons.
  • ✔ CONTACT-FREE AND COMFORTABLE. - Reduces your snoring without compromising your comfort. Invented by a snorer, Smart Nora doesn't sacrifice the sleep of the snorer or their partner after the first few nights.
  • ✔ KEEP YOUR FAVORITE PILLOW, SLEEP IN ANY POSITION. - Smart Nora works with soft, firm, down, memory foam, or any other pillow on the market. The unique design allows you to sleep on your side, back or stomach.
  • ✔ LOVED BY THOUSANDS OF COUPLES. - Our solution has helped more than 45,000 couples in United States and around the world to sleep peacefully in the same bedroom.
  • ✔ CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR BEDROOM. - Adjust sensitivity level of the microphone, amount of motion in your pillow and the 30-minute delay, to find your optimal setting. For best results, during the first two weeks customize Smart Nora to your bedroom environment and use the overhead mount.

Brand: Smart Nora

Color: Gray, White

Legal Disclaimer: Smart Nora is not a medical device and should not replace any remedies recommended by a doctor. It is intended for those who snore and cause their partner to wake up multiple nights in a week. If you or your partner deal with constant snoring, Nora can play a significant role in enhancing your sleep continuity, and in turn your daytime performance.

Publisher: Smart Nora Inc

UPC: 697209000025

EAN: 0697209000025

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 9.0 x 6.9 inches