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Things to Do - Scratch Off Large Interactive Poster

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Details: Skratkz is a totally new range in interactive posters designed to inspire, motivate and reward.

Skratkz 101 range of posters offers a bucket list you can hang on the wall and mark off your progress though a range of ideas and activities ranging from the inspiring to the insane. First choose your topic area - there are 6 to choose from! - hang on your wall and take in the 101 ideas before you. As you complete each one, you can scratch it off to reveal a full colour graphic below.

Each poster comes in an attractive colourful tube, A1 size on quality gloss paper with coloured, printed scratch layer. It also includes a pair of pop out scratch tool keyrings that clip on to your poster so you always have them when you need them.

So what are you waiting for, get scratching!

Choose from:
Cocktail Poster - We have all been there, one too many at the end of the night. Well at least now you can chart what you got up to! 101 Cocktails is a cheeky list of your all-time favourites as well as some concoctions that are less well known.

Family Poster - Stuck for ideas for things to do with the kids? Here are 101 ideas for activities and games ranging from educational to sporting though playing and creative tasks. Get your child to choose something that they want to do and spend the time with them making it happen.

Retirement Poster - This poster offers a real mix of things to do and experience for those of a certain age with time on their hands. Some life affirming, some adventurous and some to enjoy with friends and family.

Skratkz 101 Graduation Poster - All the momentus challenges to be undertaken on your way to graduation.

Skratkz 101 Movie Poster - For all movie buffs out there, here are 101 must see great movie's. Scratch off as you reveal iconic symbols from movies.

Festivals Poster - Chart your festival goings with this poster. Features Festivals from all over the world.


  • Range of inspirational posters
  • Sturdy and "stand out" tube
  • Quality gloss print
  • Large format A1 poster (59.4 x 84.1cm or 23.4 x 33.1 inches)

Brand: Dunk Trading

Color: Movies

Publisher: TGO

EAN: 8438479938159