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Shock Pen & Marker Prank Set

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Details: Prank Shock Pen By Gagster, Pack Of 2 - Shock Pen & Shock Marker

How many times have your pens and markers simply vanished into thin air? Your
friends, family and coworkers will never forget to return them again with these
shock gag pen & marker shocking pranks duo.

Unsuspecting, they will press down on the button of the attractive black-and-silver
pen only to get a big surprise - a mild shock leaving them laughing all the while!

Your kid brother wants to borrow your blue magic marker? The moment he presses
down against the paper to write, the body of the marker will give him a surprise jolt!

*Easy pranking tips
1. Ask a friend about a topic they know a lot about. When they explain something tell
them you don't understand and offer them a pen and paper. Works like a charm!

2. In school / college / or at the office: Just leave the pen on their desk, sit back
& watch :)

Safe And Funny!
Safe and harmless, these high quality long lasting shocking toys come with
batteries and are sure to provide much fun for all. At the same time, they write.
Simply unscrew the top of the pen in order to use it for writing. Take off the cap
at the other end of the marker and voila! You have yourself a blue marker like any other.

Give The Gift Of Laughter
The Shock Pen & Marker Prank Set by Gagster makes a unique gift in its eye-
catching colorful package. Not intended for children or adults with heart
conditions. Guaranteed to do the trick for fans of shock gum pranks, shock phone
party gags, and other favorite novelty trick toys and gag gifts.

Risk Free Purchase
So why wait, when you can lift the spirits of those around you with safe play, laughter and
fun! Hurry up and place your order now for a risk-free satisfaction-or-your-money-back


  • SHOCKING PEN & MARKER SET OF 2: They shock and they really write! Pressing pen button & marker on paper emits electric shock! Only you will know the pen tip comes out by twisting to top instead of pressing the shock button. You write - they get shocked!
  • YOUR PEN/MARKER WILL NEVER DISAPPEAR AGAIN: Gagster funny stuff and gag gifts got you covered - as your unwary "borrowers" laugh in surprise & fun when they get a zapping electric shock!
  • PRANK YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY - BE A PRANKSTER with this Gagster funny prank kit of electric shocking pen & marker you can trick everyone and become a trickster or class clown!
  • ENTICING COLORFUL GIFT PACKAGE - novelty toys pen prank tricks and gag gifts make a unique gift. Great for a birthday, Christmas and any gift giving occasion. Lift the spirits around you with harmless, safe, shocking fun!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE makes for a risk-free purchase; it's your satisfaction or your money back!

Brand: Gagster

Publisher: Gagster

UPC: 647356887321

EAN: 0647356887321

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.6 x 0.4 inches