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Safety Skateboard Lights

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Be Bright, Be Seen, Be Safe

10 years ago a friend of mine was killed on his way home from a local restaurant; the driver never saw him or even knew he hit anyone with his truck. I wanted to prevent this tragedy from happening to others and I knew the best way to prevent others from getting hurt was to make them visible. 

What I created is a rugged, weather-resistant and rechargeable light system for skateboards. These are not just some cheap gimmick lights, these are designed with your life in mind and made bright enough to be the only light ENDORSED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR SAFETY!

At half the weight of your smartphone it won't affect your ride. Not only are these lights a great way to instantly customize your board, but they will also give you comfort and confidence the next time you notice headlights approaching.

Lights include our patented micro USB rechargeable battery, micro USB charge cable, a 20" strip of ultra bright LEDs that can be trimmed shorter and include 3M adhesive. Each system includes 7 colors and "party mode" that can be selected at the touch of a button. The lights will last up to 10+ hours per charge and is backed by a 6 month warranty. [skateboard not included]