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Rube Goldberg 2018 Wall Calendar

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Details: Rube Goldberg 2018 Wall Calendar contains classic images from Pulitzer-Prize winner Rube Goldberg.

Known as the most famous cartoonist of his time, Rube Goldberg is best remembered for his cartoon inventions of contraptions that use a myriad of complicated steps to accomplish a simple task. This collectible Rube Goldberg 2018 Wall Calendar features images of his wacky inventions, as well as his other cartoons and creations.

Author: Jennifer George

Brand: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Edition: Wal


  • Cartoons | Comics
  • Height: 12.00 in. Width: 12.00 in.
  • Manufactured by: Andrews McMeel Publishing
  • Seller SKU: 201800000893
  • Rube Goldberg Wall Calendar

Format: Wall Calendar

ISBN: 0789333694

Number Of Pages: 24

Publisher: Universe Publishing

Release Date: 2017-08-22

UPC: 676728033691

EAN: 9780789333698