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Paper Vase Book Art - Holds Water

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I love folding and cutting paper! 

This is a vase made from reclaimed books. 

Make your flowers be the talking point of your room!

Each vase CAN hold a small amount of water and a few stems of flowers.

Care must be taken when filling and emptying the water as the vase is made from paper.

Each Book vase is cut from a book (that was destined for landfill, can't have that! So I reclaimed it and gave it a new lease of life)

The book vase is free standing and looks amazing it will also be the talking point of any room.

Each vase will vary depending on the book used but I will try my hardest to make it the same as the photo.

Each vase will be handmade when ordered.

I have numbered the photos so please choose which style you would like.

Thank you for looking.