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Origami Paper crafts - Elementary Online Course

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row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render what-you-get js-simple-collapse js-simple-collapse--what-you-get" data-purpose="course-objectives" data-more="See more js-simple-collapse-inner what-you-get__content what-you-get__title What you'll learn what-you-get__items what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__text・ fold basic and some high level Origami crafts without seeing video. what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__text・teach kids, group of people who wants to learn craft, or senior people at nursery home. what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__text・get jobs at school, kindergarten, nursery school, or nursery home, what-you-get__item what-you-get__item--columns udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__text・open up the paper craft shop and advertise you have good knowledge of origami. row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render requirements" data-purpose="course-requirements requirements__titleRequirements requirements__content requirements__list requirements__itemYou will learn basic of traditional Origami craft and how to draw expressions of the face. requirements__itemOnly need papers and cissors (only occasional) Use a lots of square papers. requirements__itemIf you would like to purchase origami papers, you can contact me or check Amazon. requirements__itemThe price for a set of 50 beautiful washi papers plus postage is roughly $10. requirements__itemThe course has 43 lectures. First 4 lecture are introductory sessions including PV and Syllabus. requirements__itemTotal 9 weeks to complete, can be shorter than that. row row--component-margin col-xs-8 left-col" data-purpose="curriculum-practice-test row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render description js-user-tracker-click" data-purpose="course-description" data-user-tracker-schema="action-logs" data-user-tracker-object-id="925164" data-user-tracker-action="full-description-read" data-user-tracker-target-selector-class="js-simple-collapse-more-btn