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Nixie Tubes Clock

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The main difference between IN-14 and IN-8-2, is that the IN-8-2 Tubes uses a more beautiful and better font theme in IN-14. That's why These Nixie Clock are built on IN-8-2.
We want to say the advantage of our project is modularity. That is, you can buy a separate top board on each other Nixie Tubes IN-2, IN-4, IN-8, IN-8-2, IN-12, IN-14, IN-16, IN-17, Z570 / Z573. For IN-18, Z566, ZM1042, Z568, there are also slightly modified boards, since they are more powerful.

Model “Divergence Meter Mini” use IN-8-2 vintage USSR Nixie tubes. PCB design, schematic, housing and software made by GRA & AFCH.

Video similar clock on the IN-14

Listing includes fully assembled boards, Nixie tubes IN-14, MCU (microcontroller unit) ATmega328P flashed with Arduino Uno Bootloader and sketch (Firmware).

This Nixie clock compatible with Arduino Uno, so it allows you to write your own unique programs on the Arduino platform, the latest sources are always available on or official site

Software Features:

- Clock support many kinds of Nixie tubes (6 tubes [hh:mm:ss] format and 4 tubes [hh:mm]).
- 12/24 hour format.
- Date format: [DD:MM:YY]
- Slot Machine (Anti poisoning – tubes saving function. Increases the service life).
- Unique RGB LED backlight with 16,7 million colors. Your can choose any constant color off backlight LED and memorize it. Or you have option for a cyclic full spectrum color change!
- Switching on/off LED backlight in the matter of seconds.
- As alarm sound clock uses standard RTTTL (Nokia format) melodies, so You can easy change it. (included songs: Mission Impossible, We Wish You…).
- Easy updating firmware via USB using Arduino IDE.
Software based on Arduino Sketch, so MCU has Arduino bootloader within.
- Power On Self-Test (POST): LED backlight, tubes and sound. You can check firmware version at the end. Unique detailed tube test – our soft check each segment on every lamp. Distinguishable to see segment failure.
- Keep time counting until power off.
- All setting stored to non-volatile memory.

Hardware Features:

- Integrated High Voltage Power supply 150 – 220V.
- ICSP connector for flashing Arduino Bootloader to blank MCU.
- 3 PWM channels for RGB LEDs 8 bit per channel=24bit=16,7 million colors. It can be disabled in the menu (see manual).
- Test points for testing, adjust and control low and high voltage -
- Pads for internal buttons and terminals for external buttons.
- Pads for internal USB connector and terminals for external USB.
- Terminals for internal and external power connector.
- Terminals for external and internal buzzer.
- 2 dots column with separate controls upper and lower dots.
- Power consumption: 11-14V, 360mA (Recommended power source: voltage 12V, current 1-2A).
- MCU board NCM107: 100 x 50mm.
- Tubes board NCT482 size: 200 x 50mm.


- Firmware MCU Board NCM107 (Universal Control Board for NIXIE CLOCKS)
- Drivers USB for PC
- Schemes Tubes Board NCT482 (For Tubes IN-14 for NIXIE CLOCKS)
- Schemes MCU Board NCM107 For NCT4XX (Universal Control Board)
- Manual (Universal Manual for NIXIE Tubes Clocks)

GRA AND AFCH Nixie Clocks KEY Features:

- Flexible platform, that support any* Nixie Tubes (You can replace it to any our tubes board on Z573, IN-8, IN-8-2, Z5660, IN-18 or others, see our listings);
- Easy to assemble beautiful Nixie clock – we offer housing;
- Easy operation;
- It is easy to modify the clock’s program for your tasks, due to the open Arduino platform;
- Fast upload new firmware via USB;
- Always newest firmware on GitHub;
- You will not have problems with drivers on Windows and MAC, we use only the genuine FT230 USB chip;
- High PCB quality, Japanese aluminum capacitors (Nichicon, Panasonic);
- Tubes board can be easy cutted so that only 4 tubes left for [HH:MM]. (See picture below)
- Self-test on power-up;
- Technical support;

*The MCU board support a variety of tubes, such: ZM1042, Z522M, Z566M, Z5220M, ZM1040, Z5660M, B566M, LC-631, IN-14, IN-18, IN-12, IN-8, IN-7, IN-1, IN-2, IN-4, IN-8-2, IN-15, IN-16, IN-17 to use this tubes You need appropriate tubes PCB(s).

This lot contains fully working Nixie clock, Nixie tubes and power supply:

- 1 pc – assembled MCU board NCM107
- 1 pc – assembled Tubes boards NCT482 with Nixie tubes. (You can replace it to any our tubes board on IN-14, Z573/570, IN-8, IN-12, IN-16 or others, see our listings)
- Flashed MCU with Arduino bootloader and NixieClock sketch firmware.
- 6 pcs – IN-82 Nixie tubes
- [2 pcs – IN-3 neon lamps as Dots] or [Columns -2 pcs with NE-2H - 4 pcs] (see selector on top of screen)
- Power supply 12V, 1A for any country (see selector on top of screen)
- Set of hex pillars.
- User manual on vintage-style paper.