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NEON Guitar Strings

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The DR NEON Multi-Color Strings are designed to make learning the guitar fast, easy, and fun. Here are the details:

  • Multi-Color Strings: This set includes 6 strings, each in a different bright and vibrant color. These colorful strings add a fun and visually appealing element to your guitar.

  • NEON K3 Coating: The strings feature NEON K3 coating, which provides volume, clarity, and durability. This coating helps the strings last longer than uncoated strings while maintaining a clear and bright tone.

  • String Gauges: The string gauges in this set are 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, and 46. These gauges are suitable for various playing styles and preferences.

  • UV Reactive: The DR NEON Multi-Color Strings are 100% black light active, and they glow strongly under UV lighting. This feature makes them visually stunning in both daylight and under stage lighting.

  • Recommended for Learning: These strings are highly recommended for beginners and learners who want to make their guitar learning experience more enjoyable and engaging. They can also be used with mobile platform learning systems like

These strings not only look great but also provide good playability and durability. They are a unique and creative choice for guitarists who want to add a splash of color to their instrument. DR Strings is known for its quality and innovative string products, and these multi-color strings are no exception.