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Music Tesla Coil

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Details: WARNING:
Tesla coil will interfere with electronic products when working, which is the characteristic of Tesla coil itself. So, please don't let your phone get close to the tesla coil to avoid damage.

When we were children, we always full of expectation to the unknown world. We ever imagined stepping on the water, also imagine ourselves flying in the sky. I imagined that when I pick up a lamp, it will shine when it sits on my hands. It doesn't need to nailed to the ceiling or pinned to the wall anymore. Now, this tesla coil makes dream true. What a marvelous little thing! It lights the bulb without any connection. This tesla coil is a wonderful conversation piece. It's a cool piece of art even just stands on your desk.

1.Color: White base + Blue secondary coils
2.Size (L*W*H): 85mm*85mm*175mm / 3.3*3.3*6.9in
3. weight: 270g/ 9.5 oz (Net weight); 650g/ 23 oz(shipping weight)
4. About the power supply (include)
5. Audio cable: 3.5mm / 0.13" round port
6. Voltage:8-32V  (8V start to works,can light up bulbs; 13Vstart to arc,can play music; 24V has the best sound quality ,no higher than 32V)
7. Current: 0 - 2 A (power is determined by the input power, when it is 24V, the current is about 48W) 

Package list: 
1*tesla coil
1*audio cable 
3*neon bulbs( the product does not contain a variety of glow tubes in the demonstration.)

1. Not suitable for people with electronic medical instruments.
2. Do not touch the tesla while working.
3. Please do not use this tesla under environment with flammable and explosive materials or closed coil and big size metal.


  • PRECISE PROCESSING---- The difference between this and YS03 is that the circuit board of YS04 base is added with acrylic shell to make the product more exquisite while preventing scalding. No limited to music format, can play any form of music, add circuit protection design, will not damage the input audio device; Epoxy coating for secondary coils, reduction of coil disconnection;
  • Easy operation---- No Manual needed at all. PLUG and PLAY! No grounding needed.
  • LONG LASTING ---- This tesla coil is safe to last for hours without break off as it has special heat dissipation device, cooling fans and reasonable circuit design equipped, good heat dissipation effect.
  • Endless fun: This misc tesla has the function of wireless transmission and loudspeaker, can light gaseous tube and kind of bubbles, play all kinds of music. It is a perfect teaching tool to spark students' interest of science, also a great gift.
  • Amazing conversation pieces on your desk: It's funny to see people's looks and reactions when they squeeze a little shot for this tesla coil model. Plug it and light LED bulb up, and then it works like charm. All of your guests want to know what happened, icebreaking success. Working video:

Brand: Joytech

Publisher: Joytech

UPC: 715624633441

EAN: 0715624633441

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.3 x 5.5 inches