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Portable 8 Can Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer

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Details: Enjoy cool drinks and warm snacks on the go thanks to the Magnasonic Mini Fridge that has both cooling and warming functions. Thermoelectric technology heats and cools with just the flick of a switch, no Freon required. Its large 5L capacity can hold bottled water, soda cans, sandwiches, soups, fruit, snacks and even medication. Compact and lightweight, conveniently use it in your car or office with the included power adapters. 

2-in-1 Function Heating & Cooling
The Magnasonic Mini Fridge is more than just a fridge. If you want to enjoy a cold, refreshing beverage after a day in the hot sun, the cooler function can chill to 20 degrees colder than room temperature. You can also reheat your coffee, tea, or dinner; the heater function can warm up to 65 degrees Celsius. Useful in hot or cold weather, even on its side thanks to its thermoelectric technology.

Perfect Size for a Day of Fun
With its large 5L (1.32 gal), 8 can capacity, this portable mini fridge offers plenty of space for drinks and snacks. It's a convenient and healthy alternative to fast food while travelling. Stock up for a week at the office or night out of town. With the built-in handle, you and your friends can keep beverages cold wherever the day takes you.

Use It Anywhere with 110V or 12V Power Sources
Use the 110V AC wall outlet in your home, office or even plug into the 12V DC cigarette lighter in your vehicle. Perfect for camping with friends, family fishing expeditions, and even in your cubicle at work. 

Exceptional Assortment of Features & Applications
Built-in carrying handle. Hot/off/cold switch with LED status indicators. Heavy duty recessed locking latch and door hinge. Fully insulated, easy to clean interior. Removable shelf included. Non-slip feet. Low noise fan with no compressor. No need for harsh chemical refrigerants, environmentally friendly. Can operate vertically and horizontally.


  • Conveniently enjoy refreshing cold drinks, fresh food and warm meals on the go, cools to 20 degrees lower than ambient temperature and warms up to 65 degrees Celsius (149 Fahrenheit)
  • Store up to 8 cans of your favorite refreshments with its large 5L internal capacity
  • Powered by 110V (AC) wall outlet or 12V (DC) cigarette lighter adapter (included), so you can use it at home, at your desk, in your dorm, in your car, or even your boat
  • High quality solid state thermoelectric cooling and warming system operates upright/sideways/upside down, no need for refrigerants (Freon free)
  • Features include heavy duty locking latch and door hinge, carrying handle, removable shelf, easy to clean interior, fully insulated , low noise fan, compact, light-weight, hot/off/cold switch

Brand: Magnasonic

Color: Black

Manufacturer Parts Warranty Description: 1 Year Manufacturer's Labor + Parts Warranty

Publisher: Magnasonic

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Labor + Parts Warranty

UPC: 061783265284

EAN: 0061783265284

Package Dimensions: 15.0 x 12.0 x 10.8 inches