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Fake Poo

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A Hilariously 'Crappy' Prank – The Ultimate Gag Gift by Oasis Supply!"

Picture this: Your unsuspecting friend walks into the bathroom, their face turns a shade of sheer horror, and then a scream! And all you can do is chuckle mischievously. Welcome to the world of the most comically realistic fake poop you'll ever find!

Why This Fake Poop Stands Out:
🤪 Hyper Realistic: This isn't just any fake poop; it's a masterpiece in the world of pranks! Crafted to such perfection, it'll have people double and even triple-checking. You're not just playing a prank; you're delivering an experience!

🎁 Perfect Gag Gift: Whether it's April Fool's Day, a birthday, or just another day you want to bring some laughter, this fake poop is your ticket to being the ultimate prankster. It's the gift that keeps on giving... screams of surprise!

🌟 Brand New & High-Quality: Straight out of the comedic labs of Oasis Supply, this poop prank is brand new, made with resilient materials, ensuring it retains its 'freshness' for every prank.

🎨 Multicolored Mastery: Its intricate color detailing makes it all the more genuine-looking. A piece of art, but with a twist of humor!

🪣 Easy to Use: Just place it strategically, maybe on a toilet seat or someone's cherished couch, and let the fake poop do its magic. It's easy to install, and even easier to enjoy the reactions!


  • Brand: Oasis Supply
  • Color: Multicolor
  • EAN: 0099996000224
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.1 x 1.0 inches

Dive into the playful side of life and bring waves of laughter (and maybe a tiny scream) with this ultimate gag gift. Remember, life's too short; sometimes, you just have to stir the pot... or in this case, place the poop! 😉💩🎉