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Night Light Starter Kit (9 Piece)

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With the Night Light Hall of Fame Kit, kids can create their own friendly light to brighten even the darkest night. The bargraph Bit, made of 5 multicolored LED lights, is sound-activated to work whenever kids are awake before bed or in stirring in the middle of the night. Little Edisons experimenting with light can then remix the invention and use the Bits in the kit to create a Megablaster wrist cuff, the invention that blasts imaginary powers wherever it’s aimed. The slide dimmer Bit lets kids control just how much of their superpower of light gets sent into the universe. Bits, accessories, and instructions included.


  • Easy - Hall of fame kits are perfect for creative kids who are just getting started with inventing.
  • Creative - 2-in-1 project kits get kids using technology in creative ways and reinventing their creations.
  • Customizable - enable kids to create and personalize their own night light then remix their night light into a Mega Blaster
  • Collectible - create bigger, more epic inventions by combining this kit with other bits and kits
  • Tried-and-true - cultivate kids' desire to build and create with these verified community-favorite inventions

Brand: littleBits

Publisher: littleBits, us toys, LIU77


UPC: 810876023214

EAN: 0810876023214

Release Date: 2018-06-01

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.1 x 2.7 inches

Languages: English