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Wood Log Liquor Dispenser

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Details: This is the real thing. Not a cheap imitation. Display and serve your prized liquor in style! Our Log liquor dispensers are handmade from urban harvested Ohio hardwood trees. Each is about 9" tall with a diameter of about 4"-7". On average they weight about 7 lbs. As these are a natural product, no two are alike. They are hand finished with a water-born clear finish. The liquor is always contained in food and beverage safe material on the way to the lead-free brass spout. The new and improved (patented) version keeps your prized liquor sealed better, and accommodates almost every type of liquor bottle. Also, you can unload bottles even if they are not empty. Each comes with both hand-made wooden and a black metal handles. And do I really have to add, no the liquor is not included! The liquor dispenser smoothly slides to the edge of the bar to dispense into tall glassware. Added bonus: You can now use as a liquor bottle dispenser too! You are buying one dispenser, without the decorations or the booze! Want to see one in action? Copy and paste the following into your browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clT0fIpPB80

Brand: Ohio WoodWorking Shop

Color: natural wood