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Insulated Bottle Holder Keeps Drinks Cold

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Details: The l'igloo 6 pack bottle carrier is perfect for keeping your drinks cold. At over 4 mm thick, it's thicker than most brands on the market, and there's plenty of room to stretch around those bigger bottles. It's also ideal for keeping baby bottles warm or cold. Bring your favorite beer to the party, or keep it near you while you're at a BBQ. It's great for camping as well. Throw in your favorite six pack and you'll have easy access whenever you want a cold one. Easy to clean, either wipe with a wet cloth and hang to dry, or throw it in the washer. Always air dry your l'igloo 6 pack carrier. The l'igloo is meant to be used over and over.

Additional Features:

High quality construction that stretches to fit most 12 oz beer bottles.
Drinks well protected by extra thick neoprene.
Discrete black color with a touch of style.
Stays upright and holds shape to prevent drinks from tipping over.
Made of the wetsuit material, neoprene, which is vinyl and PVC free!
Great for holding baby bottles, water bottles, beer bottles or sodas.


Beer bottle carrier
Baby bottle carrier
daycare bag
tailgating gift
Soda carrier
Sports drink carrier
Juice box carrier
Coffee can holder (keep them cold or hot)

The l'igloo bottle carrier is great for just about anything you can stuff into it. It can keep drinks cool and contain any unwanted condensation. It can also be used to keep those Starbucks coffee cans warm or cold. It's discreet and stylish, so you can bring it just about anywhere and go unnoticed.


  • CONVENIENT: The l'igloo 6 pack bottle carrier is built to last and is ideal for transporting your drinks. It will keep your items safe and cool. The easy to carry handle can also be used to hang on a stroller. It's a discreet way to transport your drinks and keep them well protected from bumps.
  • NEOPRENE: Made from the same non toxic, flexible material used in wetsuits. At over 4 mm thick it can keep drinks cool up to 4 hours, and will stretch to fit most cans and 12 - 20 ounce bottles.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Most liquids will not be absorbed by neoprene, so when you're done just rinse, wipe and hang to dry. When not in use, it folds to 11 x 11 x 0.75 inches for easy storage.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Fill it up with your favorite craft beer and give it to a friend. It's the 6-pack cooler every guy should have and it makes a great beer gift. Also great as a BYO or BYOB bottle bag.
  • USAGE: Use it to take your favorite beer to a party or BBQ, take it camping, on a road trip, throw in some sodas for the soccer game, or us it to carry baby bottles when your on the go.

Brand: Vettore

Color: black

Publisher: CB Outlet

UPC: 703439342139

EAN: 0703439342139

Package Dimensions: 11.6 x 10.8 x 0.9 inches