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Learn to sculpt with epoxy putty (Online Course)

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row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render what-you-get js-simple-collapse js-simple-collapse--what-you-get" data-purpose="course-objectives" data-more="See more js-simple-collapse-inner what-you-get__content what-you-get__title What you'll learn what-you-get__items what-you-get__item udi udi-check what-you-get__iconwhat-you-get__textIn the course we see different types of pieces and decoration. Adding your own imagination the student can make pieces of his own creation: three-dimensional pieces of variable size, jewelry, decorations, repairs etc row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render requirements" data-purpose="course-requirements requirements__titleRequirements requirements__content requirements__list requirements__itemNo knowledge of sculpture of any kind is necessary. requirements__itemSmall workspace: a table with good light requirements__itemDesire to experiment and to learn requirements__itemPersistence: not always everything will come out the first time. You have to exercise and repeat the exercises. Little by little everything will turn out exactly as you imagined it. row row--component-margin col-xs-8 left-col" data-purpose="curriculum-practice-test row row--component-margin col-xxs-8 left-col clp-component-render description js-user-tracker-click" data-purpose="course-description" data-user-tracker-schema="action-logs" data-user-tracker-object-id="2425892" data-user-tracker-action="full-description-read" data-user-tracker-target-selector-class="js-simple-collapse-more-btn