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Kid Repellent Lavender vanilla scented soy candle

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Details: A funny gift for anyone around kids. This is a great holiday gift for moms or dads, and teachers. Sure to make them laugh and hopefully get some peace and quiet, while this relaxing lavender and vanilla candle fills throughout a room.

- Pure soy wax for a slow, long-lasting burn

- Self-trimming, cotton braided wick

- Every candle is handmade with consistent methods for the best quality every small batch.

- Candles have the maximum usage of fragrance oil for strength and safety

- Each product is a reflection of my love for New Orleans and the South.

- Total fill weight of 6.5 oz, in a medium sized 8 oz mason jar

* * * * * Thank you for stopping by. Every purchase is greatly appreciated by this Southern Gal.

CANDLE CARE For optimal performance and care, burn candle at 3 hour intervals and allow the candle to re-harden. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4". This will allow proper flame height and temperature to melt wax. To reuse jar remove remaining wax and wash jar with soap and water. Repeat if necessary. -- All candles are cured for 5-7 days for maximum performance. Candles, like good wine, need time to develop. The fragrance and wax need time to bind together so when the wick heats the blend it creates the best effect.

Brand: NolaAndNeighbors

Color: white