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Japanese Kit Kat Collection 16 pcs

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Details: TONOSAMA Select Random Flavor Example : Chocolate, Black Chocolate, Pancake, Raspberry, Matcha(Green tea), Sweet Potato, Hazelnut, Rum Raisin, Shinshu Apple, Uji Matcha, Wasabi, Kyoto Hojicha(Japanese tea), Kankitsu (Citrus), Yokohama Strawberry Cheese, Cake Azuki (Bean), Purple Yam, Japanese sake, Kumamoto tea and so on.


  • Contains random assortment of 16 miniature kit kat candy bars.
  • Flavors include: Green Tea, Wasabi, Rum Raisin , strawberry cheesecake, pancake etc.
  • Suitable for birthday gift, party present, chocolate present, etc.
  • TONOSAMA loves Japanese sweet candy from about 400 years ago.He loves kit kat bar and joke, everyone's smile especially.
  • Lastly, if your country is in summer season, since the chocolate may melt, please eat after chilled them in the refrigerator.


Publisher: Kit Kat

EAN: 4573449060066

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.6 x 0.8 inches