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Wear your heels 3 times longer by Insolia

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Details: Wear your heels for 3 times longer --- For all styles and types of high heels 1 or higher.;Reduces leg and lower back fatigue --- Relieves presure on the ball of the foot --- Improves back fatigue.;Insolias unique weight shift technology was developed through the collaboration of an award winning podiatrist and a rocket scientist.;Will virtually disappear in the shoe. Wearers will look as good as they feel. --- 3 Pair --- X Small --- 1.5 - 3 UK | 34 - 35.5 EU


  • Insolia High Heel Inserts | 3 Pair X Small| Weight Shifting Pain Relief Gel | Wear your heels 3 times longer
  • 3 Pair - X-Small (UK 1.5-3 | EU 34-35.5)

Brand: Insolia

Publisher: Insolia