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No Tie Shoelaces

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  • Goodbye Tie. Turn lace-up shoes into slip-ons. Confidence builder for kids who need to deal with shoelaces independently at school. Time and effort saver for the majority to work hard play hard. Pain avoider for seniors who fight against pain and disease to compress their knees or bend down.
  • Comfortable laces make fit shoes. They eliminate gap/air between shoes and feet by bringing together but not ruin vamps, wrapping on your feet like skin. Shoes are easy to put on and off with them on.
  • Snug & Stretchy Support. Footwear upgrader. Wrap sides and top of a shoe for sock-like wearing. No compression on insteps or veins. They adjust to moves of a foot by stretching out and bouncing back like a spring. All round comfortable, is it not?
  • Elastic Lock. Selected food grade silicone builds up long-lasting elasticity. Delicate appearance with fabric-like texture. T shape ends are strong to bite into eyelets and hook up for connection. Walking, jogging, running, jumping, they won't pop out.
  • Simple Use & Maintenance. Free match and install for best tightness. No need to follow graduated lengths one by one. Brand new always. Wipe with damp cloth or tissue to clean as new. Waterproof and dust proof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I choose a proper size?
A. Easy. Please refer to size recommendation image on the above.

a. If you would like your shoes tighter, cross installation will help.
b. 1 pack consists of 8*2pcs of graduated lengths for adults/ 6*2pcs for kids. They fit both wide and narrow feet.

Q. To install them is not easy as others said?
A. Yes, sometimes.

a. No tie shoelaces are made strong and thick for connection.
b. Grommets/eyelets vary. It might not be easy to install the first time but as a once for all solution, you gonna save lots of time and effort in the future.
c. Stiff blunt ended tools/pliers/tweezers are recommended for shoes with small grommets/eyelets.
d. Not applied for shoes with fabric loop eyelets.

Q. They are easily broken?
A. NO, of course.

a. These are selected food grade silicone with long lasting elasticity. They can be really stretchy and durable.
b. Strict quality tests are undertaken for every single piece.
c. Return & refund is guaranteed if there should be defectives.


What could our products bring to you?
* Good-bye Tie! Whether you're a runner training for the Boston Marathon, Mom wanting to put an end to unite in your kids'shoes or if you're recovering from an injury/surgery (knee replacement) during physical therapy, no tie shoelaces set you free from tying your shoelaces again. Quick Put On, once and for all.
* Good-bye Off! No need to keep your friends waiting due to the loose of your shoelaces while you are shopping. No worry of your kids tripping up by the shoelaces while they are running.
What are the sizes of these products?
* Kids Size, package include: 1 set (6*2 pcs) shoelaces (length: 4.1/4.45/4.85/5.25/5.65/6.05cm).
* Adults Size, package include: 1 set (8*2 pcs) shoelaces (length: 4.1/4.45/4.85/5.25/5.65/6.05/6.55/7.1cm).
* Adults Plus Size, package include: 1 set (8*2 pcs) shoelaces (length:4.85/5.25/5.65/6.05/6.55/7.1/7.5/8.0cm).
* It would comfort you if you pick your right choices.
What are the advantages of our no-tie shoelaces?
* The "Stick to Holes" design, can bear amazing tension, make your shoelaces hard to pop out, and it can adjust the tightness according to your footwear.
* The "High Simulation of Shoelaces Texture" design, makes the whole shoes more coordinated.
* The "Multi-Color" design, 13 colors choices, chooses your favorites to fit your mood of the day and make your unique shoes in the world.
What's the material of the products?
* Made of silicon, resilient, hard to fracture.
* Non-toxic and friendly to the environment.
* Soft and comfortable, wear resistant and easy cleaning.
Do our products fit all the shoes?
* Our products do fit 90 percent of the shoes on the market, however, if the holes on your shoes are so large or small, then you will need to reconsider it.
* Don't buy our product for your shoes which have no holes on them.